May 20, 2014

It hurts

That sound hurts.
Each time it’s heard,
My heart feels wounded
For my beloved, benevolent earth
That gets bruised
By that machine that runs on gas.

It runs almost every other day in spring
After cool nights, and showers of mist
After thunderous nights magically filled with rain,
They come out and shout loud
‘We want to nip the buds’, they clamor
‘We want to mow the lawns’, they roar
All along they spew smoke;
And that disturbs me terribly.


Wherever I travel in America,
There are lawns,
And, there are lawn mowers,
We burn 800 million gallons of gas each year
For keeping our grassy yards trimmed
Our oil spills in our beautiful gardens
Put together are more than what Exxon Valdez
Spilled in the Gulf of Alaska

Come summer, when showers are far and few,
A million sprinklers come on, to wet and water
Many millions of gallons of precious water
Are employed in this act of watering vast lawns
When half the world bleeds for a drop of water

Connect the dots to another macabre picture
And there we find the noxious weed killers
Every year over many million poisonous pounds
We sprinkle on lawns, playgrounds and golf courses.

Take 30 commonly used lawn pesticides;
19 are linked with cancer,
13 are linked with birth defects,
21 with reproductive effects,
26 with liver or kidney damage,
15 with neuro-toxicity, and
11 with disruption of the hormonal system
17 are detected in groundwater,
23 have the ability to seep into drinking water sources,
24 are toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms,
11 are toxic to bees, and
16 are toxic to birds.

Why, even the brightest dandelions,
Those pretty flowers that cheer me up,
Are not spared either
Children play on these lawns
On these smoke-spewing, toxic yards
My heart misses a beat
For them, and for the earth
That we may not really leave behind for them and theirs.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Minu,
It is me, Carol. I didn't know quite what to do with this profile, but I wanted you to know it was me writing on your blog. it is the first time I ever read or wrote a blog! I am somewhat of an ostrich about electronic things, but I need to get over that. Your responses to the aquarium visit speaks to your deep connection with the earth and with animals. It is so tender, yet so painful at the same time. I recently finished the book, "The Sixth Extinction" by Elizabeth Kolbert. She makes some the same references, regarding species related to deforestation and climate change. She said for every one percent of land that is covered over or cut down, 25 percent of the animals that used to inhabit that land will die. It is a chilling book. The sixth extinction, of course, is ourselves.
Again, I am blown away by your wonderful poetry. You turn a phrase with delicacy yet powerful impact.
I would like to find out how to put together such a wonderful blog, and how I can use this for my writing. I will call you tomorrow when I have more time.
I did get a call back from the marketing director at Cape May agreeing to read my book, but she said that they do not sponsor products like books on their website. I hope I can engage her somehow, if it is God's plan. Hope all is well with you. Much love,

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