February 10, 2011

If it was so easy, the whole world could have it's consumerist ways forever. This must be the simplest equation I ever came across in my whole life. Smaller Cap is equal to Less Plastic. If it were so, can we urge all the bottle manufacturers to pay heed to this?

I was rather amused by this note on the bottle label that my hubby brought to my attention. 'Eco-slim' cap - must be the idea of the advertising agency who designed the label, I thought.

Plastic is everywhere. The ubiquitous material which packages everything so conveniently. Convenience - that which defines our thinking these days. Everything must come to us in the most convenient form. I don't count myself out of this vicious circle of convenience. I am an addict of the convenience mantra too. But may be a bit conscientious than some of the others.

I am no environmentalist either. Well, I would like to be one, but simply don't have the courage to practise ALL that I preach. I do live by A FEW principles. But, I am selfish. Let's come to it. Unlike many of my friends who would do anything for the Earth, I do things selectively. Thinking that 'something is better than nothing'. That's probably what Poland Spring would have thought when they decided to reduce the cap size of their mineral water bottles.Whilst it looks very simple, I understand that it calls for a whole lot of changes right at the plant level while a bottler decides to change the cap size. Some pains and some thinking have gone into this for sure. That may be just the beginning of a long journey; for companies like Poland Spring and the rest.

Arm chair consulting is hated. It is so easy to talk from a distance. To be critical about what others do. If it is so difficult for me as a person to make simple changes in my lifestyle, to what extent can I blame companies who thrive on their products/ innovations/ gimmicks for profit?

Where am I getting to?Let's look around. On one side, there is a consumerist wave sweeping over with companies churning out anything and everything to please the human senses. On the other hand, there is strong advocacy for the Earth. The argument or wishful thinking that 'global warming is a myth' doesn't hold water any more. Well, its proven. Almost everyday. All around us. There definitely is a problem. Right now, right here. Can I be the change that I wish to see around? Can I make simple lifestyle changes everyday that would save the Earth its face in the long run? I come to understand that if I am able to reduce my urge to want lot of things that I see around, ( i hate advertisements in that sense!) I reduce my environmental footprint. It may be too small to be counted as carbon credits, but little drops of water make the mighty ocean. The small changes that we make today can have a big enough impact on our planet!

To sum it up, I am in no way against the eco-slim cap initiative. Well, it may have drawn at least a few journalists to write about it, it may be touted as gimmickry by critics, but at the end of the day, something is better than nothing!

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