March 2, 2011

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind

It is alarming to observe our food habits. This may have crept into my earlier posts as well, but I am pretty sure what goes around, comes around. I look at myself as an example. It is so easy to judge others, when I am a victim of today's 'here and now' attittude. But, for the sake of convenience I would say that it is my circumstances that decide my options; not me in the strictest sense. I am sure you do agree with me.

Do I hear a sigh of relief as well?

It was a few years back when I had just moved into a new apartment. I had about 30 minutes of drive when the roads were empty. But, that is never the case with Bangalore traffic. So, I would take about 45 - 60 minutes easily - just one way. Evenings would take more time - say about 45 - 90 minutes depending on the time I left work. My son was just into his School which put lot of pressure on the child and the parent. He was just 4, but there was quite a lot to be taught according to the School. My better half, in search of better career prospects had gone to the US then. For a short while, that was.

Until then, I was the 'health-conscious', 'environment-conscious' kind. Not to a great extent, but the ok-types. If I had an option, I would make food fresh and eat it then and there. Eat out once in a while, party once in a while and so on. But the long drives, worries from the School front, demanding clients and a missing better half tested my patience and what not. I became weary of my circumstances. I weighed my options - is spending quality time with my son more important than just eating fresh? I was already on a guilt trip that my son was a victim of single parenting ( this is the in-famous usage that I resort to, to discourage my better half from taking up 'on-site' work!) and even his single parent doesn't have ample time to spend with him. I was riding a self-pity wave.

Whatever disposable time I had at hand was spent with the 4 year old. Playing with him, reading a book to him and taking him out whenever I could. And occasionally loosing my cool when his teacher said he was not up to the 'mark'. I had my share of mood swings too.

I saw fresh food taking a walk out. Processed food came in to my shelves. Not much, but compared to what I used to, its share now was sizeable. I would still read the labels and check the ingredients for sure. But, what went around, came around as well!

It was during this time that I had to undergo a few health tests. I was diagnosed with a health condition that wasn't healthy. Nothing grave, but I was on the verge of a 'lifestyle condition' which was unhealthy. It was just cured in 3 months, but what surprised me were the questions the Doc asked me. Those pointed exactly to my lifestyle. It was not only the food that I ate, but also the stressed lifestyle that added to it.

The only way I could come out of it was to eat greens, eat veggies and fruits, eat them plenty and find time to exercise. I had to shed at least a few kilos as well.

More than taking medication for 3 months, what hurt me then was the fact that I betrayed myself. In spite of knowing what was good for me, I fell prey to the 'here and now' attitude. It was so easy to look at the difficult side of life and find reasons for my negligence!

What I sowed, I did reap. But, I was lucky enough!

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