March 15, 2012

Falling in love!

                                                 ( Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)

I am almost sure about it
I am falling in love; head over heels again
Not that this is the first time, not even the second time
I am not sure if I have lost count
When I am so enamored, why would I even take count of it
Rather than making the most of it, and taking it moment by moment?

This morning, as I was making crispy, lacy Appams in my kitchen, I heard a Shutterbug fluttering in the little balcony of ours. I turned and caught my better-half clicking away pictures of a tree outside. Looking through the fully opened kitchen window, I could only see the tree; barren and lifeless. I impatiently lifted the steamy lid of the Appam-maker and forced the not-so-crispy Appam out; just for that one time when patience really ran out of my restless mind. I had to see for myself the object of his visual exploration at the crack of dawn.

By the time I joined the Shutterbug, one of his objects decided to shift base. But, I was greeted by the excited twittering of a legion of birds that seemed endless.Mynahs, Robins, Sparrows, Pigeons, and Blue Jays of course. While the sleepy Pigeons were content tip-toeing and cooing on the roof opposite my balcony, the Mynahs were engaged in an enthusiastic rummage for food amidst the thick specks of grass which perked my spirits up! As usual, the Sparrows mirrored my restlessness, not able to be still in one place for more than a few seconds. Chirruping and constantly moving, they added sparks to my already bustling state of mind.

Zooming into the picture of a bright orange bird, the Shutterbug asked me if I knew which bird it was. A Cardinal? It looked even brighter. Both of us were pleasantly surprised and got carried away by the depth of the tangerine that shone so bright from the small screen of our digital camera. It reminded me of the little Mandarin oranges that we bought last evening from the Asian Food store.

This evening, I took a stroll outside. With each step, I felt the pull towards my Love. As I walked with my eyes cast down, I almost looked like a forlorn soul. But, for me, I was rediscovering a world of green. A world of new grass heads, name-less weeds springing up at the first drops of rain with little white feathery flowers at their tips, trying to make the most of their abysmally short lives. Before the weed-killers and the lawn movers took charge, they seemed to celebrate life; whatever little promise it held. As I walked back home, the birds decided to take charge of my life again. With their calls, chatter and songs filling my senses, I strolled home in boundless joy.

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Luz said...

Minu, you really took me up there for awhile. I was in your balcony standing next to you peering into your digital camera and listening to the bird songs!

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