May 5, 2011

What happened to those Easter eggs?

They looked so artificial, but, colourful and convenient. I saw my friend buy them in dozens although she did not need so many. Can't help it, it comes in standard number packs. So, what if I don't need so many? Though it looked synthetic, I tried to appreciate them keeping their reusability in mind. I found them easy to use and reuse. Not many hassles.

The kids loved to take their Easter eggs to School for the Easter egg hunt. Mom filled them with goodies. Tiny cars, mini trucks, candies and jelly beans. True; we live in a world of abundance. After some years, probably, kids won't appreciate a bit; things that we value a lot. In a class of 15, all 15 get 15 Easter eggs to School. So, each of them goes home with 15 Easter eggs and 15 Easter gifts!! As they came home from School, they eagerly opened the first few Eggs and then threw the rest hither thither.
The egg halves were strewn all over the living room. The gifts were too frivolous for them to even take note. They happily popped in the candies and jelly beans. Blame them for their hyper-hours thereafter! That's the new in-thing these days - 'sugar-high'.

I wondered what would happen to all those colourful eggs. There were about 30 eggs in total from the two kids and then the remaining unused (nothing happens to the eggs during usage. they are as good as new) ones. What if they found their way to the trash bin? They did, indeed.

I can't expect my friend to be like my mother or mother-in-law who simply can't throw anything into the trash bin. Their reusability fundas and resourcefulness have left lasting impressions on my mind. They are a different generation all together. I remember how much I had to cajole my mother-in-law to trash at least a few from her 're-usables collection' as I was cleaning the kitchen cabinets and storage spaces just before a marriage in the family! My respect for them only grows as I look around and see abundance and callousness get married right in front of my eyes. Its really an unholy one.

There are kids who don't even know what Easter eggs are. Forget about the Easter bunny and the Easter gifts. And here we are spoiling our kids. But then, what can I do about these Easter eggs? Its the School's directive to send them.

As I saw the bright Easter eggs in the trash, I realized they would never go back to the Earth. Easter eggs symbolise a new start, a new life, just like how life emerges out of cracked chicken eggs. But, here, our Easter eggs will always remain in the Earth, like unlucky souls for whom deliverance is a far cry, an illusion...


anna's musings said...

The Easter eggs shown in the picture are organic, though. Hand painted on eggs and sun dried! Thanks to RichardBH (Flickr)

Sonia said...

Interesting read Minu. This year we celebrated Easter at home with some good homecooked food at home and church in the evening. My daughter was upset that I did not arrange as egg hunt or Easter Bunny did not visit her. I had a hard time explaining that Easter eggs and bunny have nothing to do with real celebration of Easter and that they are just for people to spend money on useless toys and fool gulliable kids to belive in bunny just like Santa and tooth fairy:-) not sure how much of the lecture actually went into the 6 year old's head:-)When I was kid(acually even now) getting a gift,however small it is ,is such a rare and cherished experince,but kids now have too much of everything that they hardly care for anything.

Riya said...

Annaminu: good one..!!...well said....enjoyed going through this post... :)

anna's musings said...

Can't agree with you more, Sonia. Our kids are unfortunately part of a whole generation that is spoilt beyond imagination. I am so happy that people like you exist. Hats off to your responsible parenting! Do share more thoughts,Sonia!

anna's musings said...

Thanks Riya James! Look forward to more coming soon :)

Tharuni Vincent said...

Next year for Easter no more Easter egg hunt Minu:)

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